Behind the Blow

cocaine archer

So about the white elephant in the room…

Casual viewers of Archer may be somewhat perplexed by the name change of the show following the fourth season finale to Archer: Vice. This change was prompted by the writer’s admittance that they had become bored with the direction of the show and had decided to take Archer in a completely different and unexpected direction. Following that instinct in the first episode the operations of ISIS were exposed as illegal by the FBI and their poorly labeled vests, and the whole organization is shut down leaving the cast members of the show out of jobs. While casting out on ideas of what to do now, the ex-members of ISIS are asked by archer what to do about the elephant in the room. Well that ‘elephant’ turns out to be a literal ton of cocaine, and the decision is made by the team to form a cartel to sell the cocaine to get everyone rich (but mostly Mallory) This sets up an exhilirating season of Archer, and now you know the story behind the blow.


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