About the author

My name is Adam Vrtis, and I am just your typical Eagle Scout Star Wars loving dude with a computer connected to the internet and a compelling desire to write about God’s gift to Television, Archer. Currently I am in my third year of higher education, studying mass media arts at the University of Georgia, and this weekend I hope to add a private pilot’s license to my list of achievements! I have never kept up a steady blog before, but I am incredibly excited for you guys as my readers to help me grow and develop as a writer.

My first experiences with television mostly revolved around whatever was the brightest and most colorful cartoon currently on TV at the time. Clearly not much has changed since then as one of my favorite current shows is Archer, which is of course a bright and colorful cartoon. One thing that has changed is that I no longer fit into my dinosaur footie pajamas, but all good things come to an end. As I grew up I tended to defer to my older brother on what to watch, but I still hold very fond memories connected to my formative years and the television screen.

Free access to Netflix, combined with a typical college kid income level and lack of a girlfriend have merged to keep me in front of a TV screen for long periods of time as I binge on certain shows or whatever catches my attention! My roommate and I currently working our way through The Office (US version) and I am hugely enjoying the workplace comedy that I never watched during its original on air run. My experience with The Office has me excited to pick up other TV shows and see what else this medium with such potential has in store, and I hope to get at least some of my experiences down into this blog for the world to see.

As a man with aspirations to work within the field it is my goal that I develop a perceptiveness about Television as a means of expressing a idea or telling a story, and foster a means of translating that experience from what I experience on screen into the form of the written word.


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