Key Elements of Archer!!


What’s up Archer fans! Today will be an interesting post as I discuss what I believe are the key elements that make Archer the amazing visual phenomenon it is today. These parts of the show serve to foster a deeper connection between the audience and the show.

Recurring dialog is the number one key element that keeps coming back for more in the Archerverse. See the gif above for one of the classics, and the inspiration for the name of this blog. Sterling Archer’s first time watching Top Gun was a life changing event for our hero, and he finds a way to work in a reference to the Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone “in a ton of different episodes. Other examples of recurring dialog are Archer shouting “Phrasing!” whenever a character makes an awkward point or sexual innuendo. Referential humor is something that isn’t new or entirely original (Family Guy abuses the hell out of it for most of the laughs in their show) but Archer has taken the idea and worked it into a more refined form for their show. It is a testament to the writers of the show that a show centering on the world’s most dangerous spy is renowned for its quick wit and humor, which elevates the show above sexiness or mindless action.


Raunchiness is a key element that defines the show and will either delight or disgust most casual viewers. Archer is a guy that gets around and he makes no attempt to hide it. From Lana’s tight sweaters to Malory constantly talking about her sex life these guys have never heard the concept of too much information, and will flaunt sexuality in every episode. If there’s a way to work a hooker being rolled up in carpet into the script, Archer will take that option, and the viewers of the show will love it.

That’s all I’ve got for now boys and girls, make sure you stay frosty.


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