Episode analysis: A Kiss While Dying

pam gif

Hey readers! Rather than talk about inspirations or thoughts on the series as a whole this blog post will be a critique of a single episode. For this post, I will be analyzing “A Kiss While Dying,” the second episode of Archer: Vice. You guys know by now that I love the world of Archer, so this review will for the most part be positive, with a sprinkling of things that I believe could be improved.

Following the dramatic turn the writers of Archer unveiled at the start of the show’s fifth season, the beloved characters of the officially disbanded ISIS had to attempt to sell the ton of cocaine Sterling had stored in their headquarters. Their first foray into the drug smuggling business formulated the basis for “A Kiss While Dying”. In this episode the gang decides the best way to smuggle cocaine is to hide it in plain sight, in this case by encapsulating the drug in a full body cast worn by Pam with Sterling and Lana posing as Pam’s doctors. While it makes sense to use the… erm…. largest…. person as a delivery vehicle, Pam’s obsessive and at times crazy behavior should have been a red flag for this particular operation. Pam develops a strong addiction to coke by sweating in the cast and absorbing the drugs through her skin. Her addiction – to the point where she literally ingests cocaine to stay on her highs (see gif above!) – has all the makings of one of the running gags Archer is beloved for. Additionally the drug deal Malory set up involves characters previously seen on the show, centering on Ramon the homosexual Cuban secret agent.

Ay Caramba!

Ay Caramba! Ramon returns! 

With a premise like that how could this episode be dull? On the one hand “A Kiss While Dying” suffered from too much exposition, explaining what led up to the events of the show. However for the most part this episode is like a breathe of fresh air, keeping the laughs rolling while still developing numerous story lines to be explored over the course of the season.  While at the end of the day Archer and his gang got screwed over by Ramon and his incredibly well-dressed henchmen, the stage is set for Archer: Vice to deliver exactly what we fans want: kick ass action, stories, and jokes that keep us coming back for more. See you next week boys and girls, stay frosty.


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