Archer puts the D in Dialog!

Wow that phrasing…

You guys have seen Archer.  If you have not seen Archer… for the love of god follow one of these links, sign up for one of their quality video services, and correct your grave error:,, Ok now that its established that we’ve all seen Archer, we know that the dialog between the characters is one of the greatest strengths of the show.  In fact I would go so far as to say the snarky responses and rebuttals of Archer have become legendary among followers of the show.  All you have to do is drop a well-timed “LANNAAAAA”, invite them to the “Danger zone” (referring them to my blog gets you bonus points!), or ask your friend to check their “phrasing” will all elicit unique Archer-related responses.  From the first episode onward, the writers of Archer have made the dialog of the series something the audience should look forward to in every show.  Whether its Malory and Sterling trading verbal barbs or the entire crew mocking Pam for running her fat mouth the diatribe and abrasive humor in every line is comedic gold for the show.  There’s no way Archer would be as successful as it is today if the acidic, quick witted dialog wasn’t present.  Without the interpersonal relationships, and thus communication, the show is reduced to just being a bunch of drones working to get one old lady rich – not exactly what I want to spend thirty minutes watching. I look forward to hearing Sterling’s smooth voice seduce my eardrums every week – and you guys should as well. Stay frosty guys and gals, see you on next week’s Archer installment!


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