Transmedia and the Archer universe

Hey archer fans! So if you guys are anything like me you need to know the best way to stay connected to Archer at all times to know the most about what’s going on in the world of Sterling Archer. Well never fear for I am here to fill you in on the best ways to diversify your Archer experience. During the airing of an episode, make sure to check of During the show they offer an as you go experience that fills you in on extra tidbits and information on plot points throughout the episode, such as inspiration for a certain villain or location in the show. Also make sure you watch the video extras! They hold awesome little bits of intrigue and Archer hilarity that we have all come to love about the show. The first time I learned that Archer was taking its comedy to space was when I watched a teaser featuring action on the Space Station seen in the third season finale. So if you want to know more than your friends about the show your mother wishes you didn’t watch, make sure to check all the tie-ins FX offers for their gift to television. Another great way to learn more about the real men and women behind the show is to watch the casts interviews, conducted at comic-con, that illuminate exactly what making televisions greatest cartoon is all about. Finally I know you all have the Archer app already, but just in case you didn’t, head over to the app store now to get mobile alerts and updates on the show. Of course you can also follow Archer on twitter and Facebook but you’ve already done that… right? I mean what kind of Archer fan would you be if you weren’t following @ArcherFx and weren’t a fan of archer on Facebook? See you next week boys and girls, stay frosty.


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