Lets talk Archer!

Welcome to my first blog post about FX’s show Archer!! Without any more delay lets get started on the rundown on what is currently one of my favorite shows on television!

This blog post will be centered on the history of the show, so everyone following this blog is up to speed on the show before we dive into analysis on the show’s most recent season, the show’s fifth. Airing for the first time on September 17th, 2009 the show follows the adventures (or perhaps the misadventures) of  Sterling Mallory Archer, codename ‘Duchess’. Archer is considered to be the world’s most dangerous secret agent who spent the majority of his career working for ISIS, the International Secret Intelligence Service. Brought into the spy fold by his mother, Malory Duchess Archer, Sterling works with the supporting cast of ISIS on missions that generally focus on garnering wealth or prestige for Malory.

That being said, what is said above is simply broad strokes discussing what Archer is really about. Sterling is a self centered, egotistical, and obsessed with sex, who could care less about any of his coworkers whom he often fights with either with his words or literally. Archer has a serious case of both mommy and daddy issues from a largely absent and thoroughly alcoholic mother and from never knowing his father, and these issues seem to be a major running plot point throughout much of the series.

Nevertheless the show tends to be lighthearted and thoroughly geared towards male viewership. Ultra manliness ideals and running gags are omnipresent throughout the series, which will be discussed in depth in my next blog post! Now that you have some background information on the show I am looking forward to dissecting what makes Archer the character that you either love or despise, and analyzing a show that is, if nothing else, perpetually entertaining to watch. Make sure you take a quick look at the other page on my blog, Behind the Blow, to get further information about the start of season 5!



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